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Urdaneta Association of Washington State
Letter from the President

It has been several days since our last meeting at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, Seattle, Washington.  I have spent a lot of thinking about it and try to do the right thing.  In the final analysis I have concluded  that the only solution is to address the situation.
The Urdaneta Association of Washington State turned six years old on August 11.  I was elected the first president, re-elected and still the current president because no one would step forward to lead the organization.  Every member of the organization knows I have worked so hard and dedicated my time and energy for the success of the UAWS.  I have always considered a great honor and privilege to serve this organization.
Through thick and thin I have led the organization and in the process I experienced the inevitable ups and downs and the difficulty of arriving at a compromise that woud please everyone.  But these are some of the parameters of a neophyte organization.  I have made some tough decisions that may have angered or alienated some.  These actions may have led a few members away from the organization's activities.  My decisions were in no way done in malice or personal.  Some of these difficult decisions inadvertently affected some of the members in a negative way.  In view of the above I offer my sincere apologies to those members that I may have offended.
To each member of the organization, I welcome you all with open arms and let us work together to make the UAWS become stronger as ever.  I wish to bring back the time when there were jokes, laughters, music, food and great friendship.  Difficult as it is to forgive and forget, in the interest of unity as brothers and sisters and as URDANETANIANS, we must do what is best for us.  I would like to echo the comment of Mr. Rufo M. Bruan, Sr., our beloved Chairman of the Board of Advisers, that the thing to do now in the absence of an updated Constitution and By-Laws, is reconciliation.  I urge everyone to reconcile the past for the future of our organization.
Very sincerely,
Mar M. Murillo
President, UAWS

Note from the President:
I have written a formal letter of apology and is posted in this website.