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Urdaneta Association of Washington State
Apologies from the President

Mar M. Murillo, President

There have been concerns raised by some members of the organization about last year's anniversary program.  Those concerns are now being addressed and will come into a resulution.
As noted by several people, names of some of our members were missing from the souvenir programs that were published in conjunction with the anniversary of the organization.
It was a hasty decision on my part and without proper consultation to remove the names from the roster.  At that time, I thought that I made the right decision based on the email from Pilar T. Foronda and letter from Jun Talvo.  Evidently, I did not realize the negative aftermath of that decision.  Let me say in full clarity that my decision was in no way done in malice or personal.
In view of this, I offer my sincere apologies to the following; Pilar and Max Foronda, Jun and Presy Talvo, Ken and Lydia Celmer, Ramon and Celia Marana, Victor and Linda Marana, Marcelica Serafica, Roland and Vicky Lastimosa, and Betty Paulo.  I am sorry that your names were deleted from the souvenir program.  It was a lesson of a lifetime for me in particular.
In hindsight, I wish I could bring back the time when there were jokes, laughter, music, good food, and great friendship.  Difficult as it is to forgive and forget, in the interst of unity as brothers and sisters and as URDANETANIANS, we must do what is best for us.  To plainly disregard or abandon the beautiful six years of existence of the UAWS is unconscionable.  I would like to echo the comment of Mr. Rufo M. Bruan, Sr., our beloved Chairman of the Board of Advisers, that the thing to do now is reconciliation.
To those whom I inadvertently offended, let this unfortunate incident be our motivation to work with each other, not against, love one another, not hate, and focus our time, talent, and energy and reconcile the past for the success of our organization.
Mar M. Murillo
President, UAWS